Unique, fresh 
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The Susteyn Indoor Farm grows fresh, local greens full of flavour, all year round.

Offer an experience that no one else is offering. Unique coffee drinks with herbs freshly harvested in fron of your customers eyes, what a treat.

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Muddled Mint Iced Coffee

All it takes is a simple muddle of fresh mint and raw sugar, combined with your espresso and cream, to make this a deliciously cooling sipper


Silky Mint Coffee Julep

Dark cold brew, combined with some brown sugar, foam and freshly harvested mint creates this tasty treat.

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Mojito iced coffee

The perfect balance of everything, resulting in the most refreshing, simple, delightful drink that is perfect for summertime. Add chocolate or vanilla and you got options!


Fresh Sandwiches

Using our farm you can grow up to 8, fully grown lettuces per week per farm.


(Mint) Tea’s

Harvest fresh mint or basil every time someone orders a tea. That’s fresh.

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Add the fresh mint or basil to the ingredients you usually use, or grow your own Microgreens to offer one of the first indoor farming smoothies in the city.


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