200€ Referral Bonus

for you.


15% off the

Monthly Rate for your employer.

(200€/Month πŸ‘‰ 170€/Month)

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Earn 200€ by referring Susteyn to your employer or a friend’s company and get them 15% off the monthly rate.

We thrive for happy employees and satisfied employers. We think an Office Farm is most useful when the employees of the office really want it. Therefore we made this referral program to support you in convincing the decision maker & to reward you.

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Easily to forwordPictures, Pitch Deck, Videos, etc.)

How does the referral work?


Sign up for the Program using the form below.


We send you a unique referral code that you can share with your employer.


Use our resources to convince the decision maker. If they end up buying, you get the reward.

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